Parachute Fireworks NH
Day Parachute
$3.99 6/pack
VIP earn $0.80 bonus
Double Night Parachutes $4.99 6/Pack
VIP earn $0.80 bonus
Parachute Battalion
7 shot $15.99
VIP earn $3.20 bonus
Parachute w/ 7 Lights $10.99 6/Pack
VIP earn $1.40 bonus
Single Night Parachute $3.99 6/Pack
VIP earn $0.80 bonus
Victory Celebration
37 shot $13.99
VIP earn $2.80 bonus
Day Parachute
Double Night Parachute
Parachute Battalion
Victory Celebration
Single Night Paachute
Atomic Fireworks Seabrook, NH
Rte 1 Seabrook, NH (1 mile south of Rte 107 next door to Starbucks)
Debit & credit cards accepted
Airborne Troopers
VIP Earn $1.80 BONUS
Atomic Fireworks seabrook NH
Airborne Operations 19 Shot Parachutes Brothers Fireworks
Airborne Operations
19 shot $19.99
VIP earn $4.00 bonus
 A 10 FOOT PARACHUTE shoots up opens and floats down. Awesome
Super 10' Parachute
VIP earn $1.60 bonus
Watch as 37 parachutes rain down amongst the red, white, and blue smoke. Victory Celebration is a tried-and-true item that is sure to be a classic.
Victory Celebration
37 shot $13.99
VIP earn $2.80 bonus
Captain Sam
$32.99  30 shot
VIP Earn $6.60 BONUS
Call on the Captain. He and his 29 cohorts parachute to earth carrying American flags in trails of purple, blue, yellow and green smoke. Six shot finale. 30 SHOTS Note: This item is for daytime use only
$4.99  6/BOX
VIP earn $1.00 bonus
$11.99 2/PACK
VIP earn $2.20 bonus