500 Gram, Heavyweights Fireworks NH
Atomic Fireworks Seabrook, NH
Amazing Ballet
220 Shot $79.99
VIP earn $16.00 bonus
Boogie N' Blues
Blue Blitz
80  Shot $69.99
VIP earn $14.00 bonus
Fire Fly
16 Shot $44.99
VIP earn $9.00 bonus
Big n Bold
18 shot $69.99
VIP earn $14.00 bonus
Blond Joke
36 shot $39.99
VIP earn $8.00 bonus
Ionic Storm
30 shot $44.99
VIP earn $9.00 bonus
33 shot $54.99
VIP earn $11.00 bonus
12 shot $42.99
VIP earn $8.60 bonus
Big Top
42 shot $34.99
VIP earn $7.00 bonus
Atomic Fireball
30 Shot $45.99
VIP earn $8.40 bonus
Rte 1 Seabrook, NH (1 mile south of Rte 107 next door to Starbucks)
Debit & credit cards accepted
Atomic Fireworks Seabrook, NH
American Bongos
20 shot $39.99
VIP earn $8.00 bonus
Black Hole Sun
10 shot $39.99
VIP earn $8.00 bonus
The Chronic
12 shot $44.99
VIP earn $9.00 bonus
Full Metal Jacket
30 shot $39.99
VIP earn $8.00 bonus
32 shot $39.99
VIP earn $8.00 bonus
Hit The Road Jack
49 shot $34.99
VIP earn $7.00 bonus
Crazy Creature
36 shot $44.99
VIP earn $9.00 bonus
Get Ur Motor Runnin
16 shot $34.99
VIP earn $7.00 bonus
Game On
40 shot $56.99
VIP earn $11.40 bonus
This uniquely shaped cake shoots 20 amazing comets before sending up two large UFO's.
Want extreme pure colors? Now this cake will show you how pritty the red, blue and silver strobes are! Big breaks!
Big 'n bold red palms with white glitter. Big 'n bold green palms with white glitter. Big 'n bold yellow palms with white glitter. Then alternating red bouquets, white glitter and blue stars and a three shot finale of crackling willows. 18 SHOTS
Come see the world's greatest six row show. Rows of alternating red, white, and blue tails to red, white and blue stars with rows of alternating titanium, green and purple tails to red, green and purple stars with crackling. Finale of quickened whistling
10 shot - this sunsational burst pattern is a must have - big fireworks exclusive design
An attention grabbing show of alternating red crackling stars, green bouquets with crackling tail and blue bouquets with crackling tails. Twelve of the 36 shots in a HUGE finale.
A zigzagging onslaught of blue tails blitzing across the sky with an incendiary display of purple stars and green flying fish. 80 SHOTS
33 multi shot repeater that propel a fantastic shell display high in the sky.It rises brilliant green glitters,fresh flying fishes and twinkled falling leaves using crackle barrage as background.You couldnt lose chance to watch the finale heat brocade.Indeed deserve the Megabanger Brand.
Hard Hitting. 
12 shot - red, green, golden & silver chrysanthemums with silver tiger tai
12 shots floral shell,500gm long lasting golden willow combined with gorgeous brocade crown alternately.Breatheless item!!!!
Call of the wild with green glittering tails and stars, silver glitter, tails, crackling, flowers and stars. An eight-shot finale of whistling, tails, crackling and flowers. 36 SHOTS
If a fight is what you're looking for you'll get lots of it with this cake, it comes ready and loaded for bear..  The cake begins with sequential shots of blue mines breaking to deep red dahlia's and finalizes with the 5 shot burst that knocks your socks off.
Huge comets, crackling mine, big palm tree with strobe, all in
Game On!
Firefly will burst into action with red, silver bouquets and blue stars with crackling flowers. 16 SHOTS
30 SHOTS. Super breathtaking neon horsetail breaks ending with crackling tails to crackling rain!
Get Ur Motor Runnin
16 shot heavyweights Winda Fireworks
Gorilla Warfare 30 shot Heavyweights, World Class Fireworks
Red Tails to Bouquets, Silver Tails to Bouquets, Blue Tails to Blue Stars, Green Tails to Red, Blue and Silver Glitter, Gold Tails to Brocade, Purple Tails to delayed Crackling and Whistling Tails to Crackling Flowers 49 SHOT
Hitmaker 32 shot Heavyweights, Brothers Pyrotechnics Fireworks
Ionic Storm 30 shot Heavyweights, Megabanger Fireworks
Jesters Revenge 252 shot Heavyweights, Winda Fireworks
Liquid Crystal 194 Shot Heavyweights, Big Fireworks
Liquid Crystal
194 Shot $149.99
VIP earn $30.00 bonus
Jester's Revenge
252 SHOT $149.99
VIP earn $30.00 bonus
220 SHOT Fantastic cyclic cauldron red, white and blue to time rain chrysanthemum, the best Z-shaped cake! Our best one!
 A deadal design for this 16 shot.Cracking strobing willow is the key point and those diamond-blue,emerald green,fresh lemon also blood-red are integral part of attraction.Finale 4 of silver carcking chrysanthemum stepped upon mixtured color burst encore!
16 shots: sea-blue with red dahlia,titanium willow with sea-blue,sea-blue with peach,sea-blue with lemon dahlia,final 4 of sea-blue ,lemon & purple dahlia with gold chrysanthemum.
Silver swirling tails with red dahlias and white strobe break; silver tiger tail comets to white strobe; powerful finale with time rain mine and bursts with emerald and ruby dahlias.
Just Sick 25 shot MegaBanger Fireworks
Just Sick
25 shot S/O
VIP earn $8.00 bonus
Cyber Snarl
29 shot 39.99
VIP earn $8.00 bonus
Can't Touch This
28 shot $39.99
VIP earn $8.00 bonus
Blue Thriller
16 shot S/O
VIP earn $8.00 bonus
Basic Instinct
16 shot $39.99
VIP earn $8.00 bonus
Gender revealing in
blue or pink $39.99
gender revealing party, its a boy, its a girl, gender revealing firework, blue firework, pink fireworks, baby blue firework, baby pink fireworks. having a baby, gender revealing ideas, it's a boy, it's a girl
 Amazing display of king of brocage crown mine! Very gentle V-shaped crown mine at both sides sets of 3 shots brilliant dahlias stright up in the middle each row. 5 
rows total 45 shots make you falling in love with this item
45 shot $45.99
VIP earn $9.00 bonus
16 shots: blue with white. Great for Gender Reveal Parties
Large blue breaks, a great multi shot 500 gram heavyweight for a gender reveal event. 9 Shot
A rare Fantastic Display. Each volley provides a THREE LAYERED VIEW of a Floral Brocade World with charming Blue Beads on the tips to HUGE Gold Brocades.TRULY AWESOME 49 Shots
16 shots: pink with white. Great for Gender Reveal Parties
Red,green purple and blue peonies with crackles and reports,great finale cake. 36 SHOT
220 Shot - Red, green, yellow, blue,and white peonies with Incredible neon colors - Unique firing sequence
12 SHOTS. Twelve loud, high & mighty breaks. Lime pearls/red pearls with green glittering, multi-colored Peony, last 3 shots of brocades with crackling as a finale
High Output silver tails to multicolored pearls or palms and silver or green glitter. Two HO shots of silver tails to red glitter and brocade, then a two-shot HO finale of silver tails to red glittering willow and crackling. 14 SHOTS
12 Shot
Brocade+white glitter, brocade+green glitter. Red green palm+silver chry, purple green palm+silver chry., bright red skyblue silver fish, bright red+white glitter. Purple green yellow chry.. Purple green palm+gold glitter. Brocade crown. Brocade crown+green
Red tail to red palm tree, green tail to lemon with green glitter, blue tail to sea blue with golden glitter, each two shot, peach red peony with silver glitter pistil, blue peony with crackling pistil.
Blue HW
9 Shot HW $39.99
VIP earn $8.00 bonus
Country Boyz HW
16 Shot $39.99
VIP earn $8.00 bonus
Country Girlz HW
16 Shot $39.99
VIP earn $8.00 bonus
Demon Detonator HW
36 Shot HW 49.99
VIP earn $10.00 bonus
Epic Neon HW
220 Shot HW $99.99
VIP earn $10.00 bonus
Evils Domain HW
12 Shot $39.99
VIP earn $8.00 bonus
High Output HW
14 Shot $44.99
VIP earn $9.00 bonus
Home of the Brave
12 Shot HW S/O
VIP earn $7.00 bonus
Live to Ride HW
HW 4-$100
Bent Rail
47 Shot HW $52.99
  VIP earn $10.60 bonus
(A) Red sparkler tail brocade crown and white glitter sparkler; (B) Blue sparkler tail brocade crown and blue sparkler; (C) Blue sparkler tail silver chrysanthemum 30 SHOT
30 Shot  $42.99
VIP earn $8.60 bonus
Bold red, white and blue pearls and glitter with brocade, and a four-shot brocade finale. 20 SHOTS
Bold Colors
20 Shot HW $39.99
VIP earn $8.00 bonus
American Intensity
9 Shot HW $36.99
VIP earn $7.40 bonus
High Falutin HW
49 Shot $36.99
VIP earn $7.00 bonus
Our Waterfall / Horsetail cake is packed with 20 big shots of shimmering waterfall shots. Shoots 5 barrages of 4 breaks.
20 Shot $49.99
VIP earn $10.00 bonus

Our Waterfall / Horsetail cake is packed with 20 big shots of shimmering waterfall shots. Shoots 5 barrages of 4 breaks
A 16 shot 500 gm cake which has performance from the ground up to 200 feet. Red, white, green, white crackling mines emit showering sparks ascending up into red, green, silver waves with a quickened finale of 4 shots of huge crackle bursts.